I just had the opportunity to sell two properties that were on the market without a real estate company. What is difficult is the lack of information provided by the homeowner.


  • The first piece I would recommend is either hiring a property inspector for a “pre-inspection” or filling out a “seller property information disclosure, “ of some sort, where you disclose any defects or issues you are aware of.
  • I recommend measuring rooms and having that sheet to give buyers, along with your utility costs and current property taxes and in the case of condominiums your association fee.
  • Get a property map to give the buyer. Either a recorded survey or a plot map of some sort. Mark the boundaries of your property with surveyor’s tape.
  • Get your furnace/ boiler serviced, your chimney cleaned and inspected and your septic pumped.


All of this preparation will prevent surprises after you’ve negotiated a price with a prospective buyer. If you have any questions or would like a list of what I give my sellers to prepare their homes for sale, please reach out to us.