It’s that time of year when we all get busy with holiday parties and family events.  I was thinking how great homes look all decorated for the holidays and how it’s a great idea to take photos or to have your agent take photos, if your house is currently on the market. Help your buyers visualize where a tree can go, how spacious your dining room really is for family dinners or how cozy your living room is for intimate gatherings.
Don’t have people in the pictures, but stage the different rooms.  Have the fireplace burning, light some candles, wraps some boxes (even if empty) to place under the tree or strategically around the house.  The lighting and colors help get the buying juices flowing.  Have some fun with this.
Even if your not selling your home, put the photos in an album to show to buyers in the future.. include pictures of the perennial gardens in bloom or the wonderful fall foliage, so they can see that we’re not always under inches of snow.
And have a safe and Happy Holiday season…