It’s that time of year when we’re preparing to hunker down for the winter weather.

If you own a home and the leaves have fallen off the trees it’s a good idea to rake them off the lawn and into your flowerbeds. Leaves make great mulch; make it easy on your self.

Also a good time to put away the patio or porch furniture, get birdseed and suet for our feathered friends and if you burn wood or pellets, get it stacked and ready.

It’s very important to get your furnace/ boiler serviced, your chimney cleaned and inspected and your septic pumped. Nothing worse than digging through frozen ground in the middle of winter.

Now is the time to make arrangements for plowing your driveway and shoveling your walk. Don’t wait to find some one after it snows, they will all be booked. And it you live in a condo you don’t have to worry most of it will be handled for you except your furnace or boiler and chimney.

This Saturday night is the end of Daylight Saving and our clocks fall back one hour. It’s a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.