Many sellers (not all) don’t seem to understand the importance of staging. The younger the generations certainly do, as they are avidly watching HGTV and because of this the bar has been raised on what buyers expect to see when viewing a home.

Yes, sometimes their expectations are unrealistic, but you as the seller need to be prepared and do as much as you can to prepare your home accordingly.

Lets start with the closets….

If its winter, pack your summer clothes in boxes in preparation of a move and visa versa if its summertime, pack your winter clothes away.

You want your closets to look roomy and spacious and capable of holding more, not jammed and crammed to the max.

Regarding your linen closet you need to take all your towels and stack with the rolled edge out and stack in sets, so that even a small linen closet looks capable of holding sheets and towels for the household.

For example….

Regarding the bathroom and kitchen, take everything off the counters.

Buyers want to visualize what their things will look like.   And if they cook, counter space is of the utmost importance.

So yes, the toaster oven need to find a new home while the house is being shown…


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