When we moved to our home all of our friends said, “why would you want to move waaayyyy out there?” And I didn’t quite follow what they were talking about because to me, it wasn’t far enough away. But I had to consider my husband’s commute to work and my son’s school system, so this was as far “out” as we could go.


Now, 20 + years later, there are 3 developments around us and 3 or 4 traffic lights and water and sewer and natural gas is available.


My point is, that everything changes and is constantly morphing into something else. I’ve seen “owner occupied” condo complexes become mostly tenant occupied. I’ve seen dirt roads get paved. I’ve even seen some dirt roads get declared “class 4”, so the towns don’t have to plow them.


So before you buy in an area, chat with the neighbors, talk to your REALTOR and really study the demographics, because it will change, but will it become what you want?