Everyone wants to know when is the perfect time to put their house on the market. I am here to tell you it’s NOW!

Right this very minute, day, week. May 3, 2016.

We have buyers looking to buy and limited inventory, combined with great interest rates.

This isn’t going to last.

We are in an election year, when historically interest rates are great.

Families looking to move typically work around the school year.

School ends in 6 weeks

Average time between contract and closing is 6 weeks.

Families and most everyone vacation during the summer months, beginning the Fourth of July. Translated, the market quiets down.

It will pick up again in September, but not to the level it is right now.

And then comes November and the holiday season.

I can’t emphasize enough that NOW is the time.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you get your home sold.