We all know that many condominium projects limit the number of pets and some times the type of pet a homeowner can have.

You need to also be aware that many housing projects have covenants against breeding and how your pet is allowed to move around the neighborhood. i.e. on a leash. Many towns have leash laws so it may not matter what association regulations do NOT say, the town regulations will supersede.   Also some insurance companies will penalize you for the breed of dog you have, check with your insurance company first.

As you can see, I’m mostly referring to canines. It seems that cats can live indoors and therefore be more innocuous.

As far as dogs are concerned we have found that the buried fences make for the happiest neighbors (because there are also covenants about fencing too). Do not leave your dog tied out if it’s a barker. That can make for unhappy neighbors.

Recently, there has been a movement to have backyard chickens and thereby fresh eggs. Be sure your association allows this. I have worked to get approval for a buyer, who was buying one of my listings in a small neighborhood, that did state “no poultry” but a neighbor had them, so we thought we could get consensus. The homes were also on 2 plus acre lots. Chickens (hens, minus the rooster) if kept penned and their coop clean are not an issue. Roosters are typically noise pollution. They crow at the crack of dawn and can also crow when they see light come on in a house, as they mistake it for sunlight.

Whatever you think you want to do or whatever pets you already have, be sure to have your Realtor check the association regulations or check with property management. And if those rules are unclear, make it a condition of the contract. Sometimes it’s better to terminate the contract than to find a new home for a family pet.