Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter, the next step is “staging.”

And its all about having just a few pieces of furniture strategically placed (I incorporate Feng Shui) to demonstrate to a prospective purchaser what the room is best suited for.

In vacant homes I’ll bring in a dining room table and chairs, a blow-up queen size mattress, duvet cover and pillows, towels and shower curtain, etc. and some strategically hung art work. I use pieces of art to draw the eye toward the positives and distract from the negatives.

The same can be accomplished when you are living in a home. You would be surprised what folding towels properly in the linen closet can do to enhance the space. Or removing some clothes from your closet, hanging those that are remaining on nice hangers and spacing them properly. Cleaning off the kitchen counter, putting away the toaster and knife rack and having one colorful pot on the stovetop.