I can’t say enough about the importance of staging. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. You do not get “do-overs” in real estate.

I had the privilege of helping a fellow agent this morning by going thru his listing (pre-market) and helping him come up with a list of fixes, touch-ups and move-a rounds. And then compile into a “must do” list and a “would be nice if you want top dollar” list.

A “must do” is clean – NO EXCEPTIONS. Clean carpet, windows, walls, what ever is dirty or stinky.

I you have a small room, we may suggest “moving around” furniture to give the feeling of more space. If you have a large room with a smaller dining room table we may recommend a large area rug (which you can move with you) to cozy up the room and make the table seem more appropriate to the size of the room.

Paint and touch ups are a “must do.” Every situation is different.

Sprucing up the yard is a “must do.” This is your true first impression. Driveways cleared, toys away, garbage and trashcans out of site.   Maybe some flowers (even potted flowers) strategically placed.

We are here to help you. If you have questions about how to prepare your home, even if it’s a year before it goes on the market. Give us a call. It is an even better plan to start a month or two before putting your house on the market. We’re here to serve all of your real estate needs.