This is a busy time of year and many of you are thinking about putting your properties on the market.

First thing to do is de-personalize and de-clutter.


  1. De-personalizing is taking down the wall of family photos and all the magnets on the fridge.
  • Its okay to have 2-3 family photos out, but not a whole gallery.
  • You want the buyer to be able to visualize themselves in your home.
  • So no weekly schedules and diets magnetically affixed to the fridge.
  • One or two reminders out of sight, but not the whole family’s schedule for the month.


  1. De-clutter – this means renting a storage unit if need be.
  • Do not stack boxes in the garage and basement, as this just makes those spaces look small and un-usable.
  • A few boxes in each space is okay, but best to have none.


More about staging next week.