We cannot emphasize enough the importance of staging your home. With many people watching HGTV, the bar has been raised on what buyers expect.

Start first by de-cluttering. If it means renting a storage facility, do it. In the winter, pack away your summer clothes and toys and visa versa in the summer. Make your closets look roomy and your garage look like you can park cars in it.

Clear off counters and vanities, and take down your personal photos. It might mean you need to go to HomeGoods or a similar store and buy some art for the walls. Hang the art so the center is at the eye level of a 5’6” person. This is how the galleries do it, and there is a reason.

If your furniture is in great shape, get some pillows for accent. And please, please make the beds. Invest in some attractive duvets and shams.

In the bathrooms, have beautiful fluffy new towels that you only put out for showings, and fold and hang them correctly.

Lastly, a couple of fresh flower arrangements can help, as can some flowers planted out front or a couple urns by the front steps or entry.

Remember…you only have one chance to make a great first impression!