There is no question, this is a must. You want to have your home make a great first impression.

Think about buying a car. If you had 2 identical cars, for the same price and one was dirty with trash on the floors and dog hairs on the seat and the other was beautifully detailed and sparkling clean, which would you buy?

It’s a “no-brainer.” Well the same is true for your house. But you have to be willing to “let go” of how you think it should look and listen to an expert.

  • Clean out clutter.
  • Eliminate “too much” furniture.
  • Create a sense of space.

Think of how you feel when you walk into a “model” home, where a professional interior decorator has chosen just the right furniture and places it in the perfect places.


That’s what you want to create.


Our team offers you this guidance and help when we list your home. Call us today to set a time for a future consultation.